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Yokohama launched the Advan dB V552, BluEarth-Van RY55 and Advan Sport V105 Z.P.S at the annual YHI Dealers Night, held on 16th April 2018.

16 Apr 2018 | Local News : Singapore

YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd
, the exclusive distributor of Yokohama tyres in Singapore, held its annual YHI Dealers Night this past Sunday (16th April), to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of its tyre dealers. The event also saw the local launch of three new Yokohama products - the Advan dB V552, BluEarth-Van RY55 and the Advan Sport V105 Z.P.S.

The Advan dB V552 is 30 percent more silent than its predecessor, the V551 
The newly launched Advan dB V552 is the brand's most silent tyre ever, thanks to a new pattern design, new structure, and new profile, which result in a 30-percent reduction in noise energy.

It also boasts a new compound that adopts all new mixing technology, which allows for a six-percent shorter wet braking distance, as well as a five percent lower rolling resistance.

With a premium design that matches premium vehicles, the Advan dB V552 caters to premium sedans, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as premium multi-purpose vehicles.

The BluEarth-Van RY55 is Yokohama's longest-lasting earth-friendly van tyre ever. Tough and efficient, the BluEarth-Van RY55 boasts an all new RY55 tread design, an enhanced profile and tough construction.

It also features a newly developed compound made from triple polymer and silica. The result is a tyre with 50 percent more mileage, a nine percent shorter wet braking distance, and a 19 percent lower rolling resistance.

The Advan Sport V105 Z.P.S is the company's ultra-high-performance sport and luxury tyre. More importantly, the Advan Sport V105 Z.P.S features Yokohama's original run-flat technology - Z.P.S. It will be available in sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches. For more information, please visit
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