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The Land Transport Authority has called for a tender to purchase 100 three-door buses, which will be deployed in 2020.

15 May 2018 | Local News : Singapore

A hundred three-door buses will begin plying roads here in two years, as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) continues to explore its suitability. LTA on Tuesday (15th May) called for a tender to purchase the 100 buses, which it said will be deployed in 2020. The LTA said that this will allow it to better assess the suitability of implementing such buses throughout its fleet, as well as replace ageing buses.

This follows positive feedback from commuters and encouraging results of previous three-door bus trials, LTA added. In 2017, Tower Transit Singapore operated a double decker bus with three doors on service route 143 for five months from March to September. Besides having three doors, the bus also had other friendly features such as a passenger information display system, USB ports and wheelchair space. From June 2017 to January this year, SMRT ran services 190 and 901 using a three-door single deck bus.

"Commuters welcomed the additional door on the buses as it made boarding and alighting from buses smoother and quicker," the LTA said. The authority said that it will work with bus supplies to look at improving the current bus designs to further enhance commuter flows and shorten journey times.
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