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Two men were injured after an SBS Transit lorry crashed into a drain and landed on its side in Bedok North Avenue 4 towards Changi South Lane on Wednesday.

14 Jun 2018 | Local News : Singapore

The police were alerted of the incident at about 12:30pm. The Singapore Civil Defence Force rescued the 57-year old driver and the 29-year old passenger using ropes and ladders. The two men were taken conscious to Changi General Hospital. The Straits Times understands that their injuries were not serious.

Photos of the incident were first posted on the Facebook page of road safety group SG Road Vigilante. One of the photos shows a man lying in the drain and another man attending to him.  A video shows two workers in the drain attaching tow belts to the lorry, with a tow truck from transport and logistics company Kim Soon Lee nearby on the road.

Investigations into the case are ongoing, said the police. "We are investigating the incident and are thankful no one else was injured as a result," said Ms. Tammy Tan, Senior Vice President of Corporation Communications at SBS Transit.
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