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Volkswagen's car sharing fleet will consist mainly of electric vehicles, as it plans to roll out various vehicle-on-demand services to begin in 2019 in Germany.

09 Jul 2018 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen will be offering its customers car sharing services in future. Starting in Germany in 2019, these services are to be extended to major cities in Europe, North America and Asia as early as 2020. 

Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales Jurgen Stackmann explained, "We are convinced that the car sharing market still has potential. That is why we are entering this market with a holistic single-source concept covering all mobility needs from the short journey that takes just a few minutes to the long vacation trip. Our vehicle-on-demand fleets will consist entirely of electric cars, and will therefore provide zero-emission, sustainable mobility. That is an intelligent way to relieve the strain on urban areas."

Going forward, vehicle-on-demand services from the Volkswagen WE/We customer platform, which could also be used to provide services such as a parking app or location based vouchering, are also designed to complement the mobility solutions offered.
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