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Nissan will join the series with its new electric race car for the next season of Formula E, which kicks off in December this year.

18 Jul 2018 | International News : U.S.A

Nissan's countdown to its debut in the Formula E electric street racing championship is now officially underway after the checkered flag was waved in the final round of the championship in New York on Sunday. Nissan will join the series for the next season, which kicks off in December.

The Formula E car was previewed alongside the Nissan Leaf
The Formula E car is the first from a Japanese brand to join the championship and will race in 12 different venues around the world in 2018 and 2019.

As part of Nissan's Formula E countdown, the brand gave local media a preview of its plans in Brooklyn, New York, before the New York ePrix. The Nissan Formula E car was joined by the second generation Nissan Leaf. Global Motorsport Director Michael Carcamo and Nissan North America's EV Sales and Marketing Director, Brian Maragno also attended the media event.

"Season five for Nissan has now officially begun," Carcamo said. "Our goal is to be as best prepared as we can be and we've been laying the groundwork for quite some time. As part of our preparations for our debut, I've been on site at each race this season to take a close look at the championship and our competitors.

"We've certainly observed that energy management is the key to success in this championship," Carcamo said. "For Nissan, the Formula E championship is a high-speed laboratory. We're going to use our experience on the track, but we'll also take what we learn trackside and use that for the road cars of tomorrow."

Nissan will use the Formula E championship to showcase its Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy, which defines how cars are driven, powered and integrated into everyday life.

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