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Seat is bringing its versatile and customisable Digital Cockpit to the Arona and Ibiza, providing clearer information that is better suited to drivers.

02 Aug 2018 | International News : Spain

The Seat Arona is the first crossover on the market to benefit from the 10.25-inch interactive, customisable display, which has already aided drivers in the Seat Leon and Ateca since January 2018.

The pixel-dense digital instrumentation not only has a more modern and versatile design, but provides greater functionality, allowing drivers to view everything from classic information found on analogue dials, such as speedometer and tachometer, to full-colour maps and navigation.

Controlling the information provided is simple and requires the driver to merely press the steering wheel-mounted 'View' control button to scroll through the three different available main displays, minimising driver distraction and maximising the clarity of information provided depending on the driver's needs. On top of that, the Digital Cockpit features light sensors, which, depending on ambient lighting conditions and by way of an algorithm, adapt the display lighting of the vehicle's screen displays.

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