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Seat has designed a simplified purchasing process, with just three steps to choose a new car, responding to changing consumer habits.

13 Aug 2018 | International News : U.K.

Seat U.K. is responding to the needs of millennials with a revolutionary car-buying strategy that simplifies the purchasing process. In an era of choice overload, the Barcelona-based brand is rolling out its EASY Move offering across the entire range - and giving customers free metallic paint.

Instead of agonising over endless choices on spec and extras, customers buying a new Seat simply pick an engine, trim level and colour. Each trim level features a host of equipment as standard, with the packages cleverly formulated to match particular needs, such as tech, luxury or sport.

Seat U.K. trialled EASY Move with the launch of the Arona in January this year and was met with outstanding customer and dealership support. In a clear sign that the strategy has tapped into and responded to a distinct customer need, Seat U.K. is the fastest-growing volume car brand in the U.K., with half-year sales up 22% in a declining market.
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