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sgCarMart partners with Jaguar to run a premium brand showcase featuring the XE and the F-PACE, held at One Raffles Place from 15th to 17th August.

15 Aug 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Jaguar Singapore, a division of Wearnes Automotive, along with sgCarMart, will be running a roadshow from today, 15th August, till Friday, 17th August. The roadshow is located at One Raffles Place.

This marks the first time that sgCarMart is partnering with Jaguar to run a Premium Brand showcase
The roadshow marks the first time that sgCarMart is running a Premium Showcase, as well as the first time sgCarMart is partnering with Jaguar. Cars available at the roadshow include the Jaguar XE, a premium compact sedan, as well as the F-PACE 2.0 R-Sport SUV.

Speaking about the choice of cars at the event, Benjamin Lee, Marketing Manager of Jaguar Singapore said, "We are catering to the wide audience of professionals here in the Central Business District."

"A car like the XE, a compact executive saloon, would be something for the senior executive, and the F-PACE would be perfect for similar executives or general managers who need a family-friendly SUV," he added.

David Wee, sgCarMart Head of Display Ads & Events, Sales, is pleased to work with Jaguar. "Jaguar is a classic pedigree car brand when it comes to British makes, and is placed high in the luxury car league. The cars on display at the showcase will let visitors experience British engineering and craftsmanship and the joy of owning a Jaguar."

For the roadshow period only, both cars will have their COEs set at $20,000
During the roadshow period, Jaguar Singapore will set a special promotional COE price of only $20,000 for the XE and F-PACE sold at the event.

For peace of mind, the cars will come with a five-year servicing and roadside assistance package, as well as a three-year warranty. Dedicated Service Advisors and a first month priority care programme for owners are also in place, an example of the luxurious experience of owning a Jaguar.

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