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Lexus has announced an updated version of the RC luxury sports coupe, which is scheduled to make its global debut at the Paris Motor Show in October.

03 Sep 2018 | International News : Japan

Since its introduction in 2014, the RC has played a major role in promoting the Lexus brand's commitment to delivering an emotional driving experience. Thanks to its aggressive styling and versatile driving character, the RC has become a highly sought-after coupe by enthusiasts who value performance and world-class craftsmanship.

The fresh new styling retains all the virtues of the previous RC, yet further refines a design language established by the LC
The fresh new styling retains all the virtues of the previous model yet further refines the design language first established by the flagship LC coupe. Enhancements have also been made to the RC's aerodynamics, tyres and suspension, as well as improvements to engine response and steering feel.

This provides a high level of driver confidence and a reassuring ride quality, making it an ideal companion whether you're challenging a twisty mountain road or taking a long-distance journey on the open highway.

In order to enhance the feel of the cabin, a new Dark Gray Streamline treatment has been applied to the heater control panel and audio panel, while enlarged knee pads have been raised to create a heightened sense of space.

Six different types of interior trims will be available in the new Lexus RC
New ornamentation, also Dark Gray Streamline, will be made standard on the RC F Sport. In all, the customer can choose from six different types of interior trim. Interior colours include Glazed Caramel and Black with Yellow accents. In all, there are seven exclusive interior colour combinations available, including those for the F Sport.

Lexus designers sought to maintain the RC's dynamic coupe proportions, while adding a high level of elegance to the exterior.

This was done through the addition of distinctive design elements, such as a new front bumper corner that flows down from the headlamps and a grille mesh pattern that gradually transforms from top to bottom. 

The new RC F Sport receives the grille mesh pattern that graces all F Sport vehicles, as well as numerous other custom exterior and interior items exclusive to the F Sport. A total of 10 different exterior colours will be available for the RC, including a new colour, Blue Vortex Metallic, that truly convey the car's sporty nature.
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