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The new Renault Megane RS is engineered with an array of motorsport-inspired technologies to unleash intense exhilaration to the everyday drive.

13 Sep 2018 | Local News : Singapore

The new, third generation Renault Megane RS is finally here in Singapore, following its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017. Driven by Renault's powerful design and focused on performance, it makes no attempt to hide its motorsport pedigree, offering outstanding driving pleasure on the road and on the track.

An impressive 276bhp and 390Nm of torque from a turbocharged 1.8-litre
Completely rethought and redesigned, the new Megane RS comes packed with high-performance technologies that target the best in its segment. For example, it comes equipped with 4Control, not to be confused with four-wheel drive, which is a world-first in the high-performance hatch market.

4Control is Renault's four-wheel steering system, which ensures stability at high speeds and agility at low speeds (like the system in Porsche's 911 GT3 and GT3 RS).

At high speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction, limited to a one-degree angle for the rear wheels and at low speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions up to a maximum angle of 2.7 degrees. This technology helps the car, which is now longer and wider than it's ever been, feel half its size.

And with four hydraulic compression stops to all four of its shock absorbers, a technology inspired by the world of rallying, the comfort of the suspension for everyday driving has been improved as well. When you're in the mood for spirited driving, this technology filters out disruptions, provides additional damping and eliminates the effects of rebound, enabling optimum control of tyre-ground contact.

Cabin looks sporty enough but falls short on overall quality compared to the Volkwagen Golf GTI
In short, Renault engineers have done everything in their power to ensure the very best in terms of agility, efficiency and stability.

They have also worked their magic on its new turbocharged engine, resulting in the world's most powerful 1.8-litre, which now delivers 276bhp and 390Nm of torque. Acceleration from 0-100km/h is done in 5.8 seconds and the Megane RS will go on to a top speed of 255km/h.

More importantly, the Megane RS can now be had with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission and in five-door configuration, which makes it just as practical as the aforementioned Golf GTI. It can be driven in four modes - Neutral, Perso (personalised), Sport and Race.

Inside, the RS Monitor system has also been completely revised, with a more user-friendly layout and extended features.

The Multi-Gear Downshift Function enables the driver to rapidly downshift multiple gears simultaneously
By gathering and summarising information from 40 or so sensors spread around the car, it can display a wide range of settings in real time on the 8.7-inch R-Link 2 touchscreen tablet, such as acceleration, braking, steering wheel angle, operation of the 4Control system, temperatures and pressures.

For greater pleasure, users can display a G-force diagram to measure longitudinal and lateral acceleration. The wheel spin measurement of the driven wheels is also available.

The exterior design, geared towards delivering performance, strengthens the sporty feel of new Megane RS with wings widened by 60mm at the front and 45mm at the rear, wing-mounted air extractors and a rear diffuser that has been designed to increase downforce. Brembo brakes up front come as standard.

Even before the car was officially unveiled today, local Renault distributor Wearnes has already received several orders from both repeat and new customers. The new Megane R.S. is priced at $164,999 (inclusive of COE), with an Open Market Value of $31,000.
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