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Volkswagen fundamentally restructures its sales model by progressive digitalisation, and will be launched in Europe in April 2020.

19 Oct 2018 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen is making its sales organisation fit for the future. The brand is to fundamentally realign its sales model together with its dealers. The new sales model is to be launched in Europe in April 2020.

Online business will make a key contribution to the development of the new sales model and is currently being massively expanded
Volkswagen and the European Dealer Council have presented their vision for the future world of Volkswagen's 5,400 dealers and service partners as well as their 54,000 employees in Europe. The objective is to provide seamless individual round-the-clock support for customers going far beyond vehicle sales on the basis of a unique Volkswagen customer ID.

Each year, the Volkswagen brand intends to introduce about five million customers to the new world of mobility around the globe and to offer them individual services on the basis of their ID.

The car buying experience itself will also change. Online sales are to be massively expanded and direct sales are to become possible. Five new sales and service formats such as city showrooms or pop-up stores are to be added. At the same time, the sales organisation is to become more flexible and efficient.

The new sales model is being driven by the progressive digitalisation and connectivity of the Volkswagen fleet, which will reach a new level with the introduction of the new, fully connected electric ID. family in 2020. From then on, Volkswagen customers with their personal ID number are to be at the centre of a fully-networked world of mobility including seamless individual support going beyond vehicle purchasing, with round-the-clock availability.

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