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Compact, powerful, and more colourful, the all new Volkswagen Polo looks more confident than ever, with intelligent systems and infotainment features to boot.

23 Oct 2018 | Local News : Singapore

The Volkswagen Polo, with over 14 million units sold worldwide, is a giant among small cars. And as of Tuesday, 23 October 2018, the long-waited all new model will go on sale at the Volkswagen Centre Singapore in two variants - the base Polo Comfortline 1.0 TSI and funkier Polo Beats 1.0 TSI.

A horizontal line beneath the tail lamps on the rear hatch flows into the bumper and underscores the Polo's width
Completely redeveloped on the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform (the first Polo to sit on this architecture), the sixth generation Polo has an entirely new exterior design, as well as a noticeably more spacious interior that has been reworked down to the finest detail.

With its larger dimensions and improved features, the all new Polo brings the future to the compact class - no other car offers so much for its size. So what exactly can Singaporean buyers expect from this sportier, more powerful, fresher, and more charismatic Polo?

For starters, the all new Polo's front end is more dominant than its predecessor's. New LED head lights, together with the radiator grille and LED daytime running lights, form a face that extends across the car's entire width.

With its growth in size, the all new Polo also has a more stretched silhouette, which appears to lunge forward even when it is stationary.

The all new Polo's interior is one without precedent, and is a nod to an exciting new era of digitalisation and connectivity
Overall, the all new Polo's length has grown by 81mm to 4,053mm, and its wheelbase is now 2,551mm. Its wheels are positioned further to the front and rear, shortening the overhangs and giving it a more powerful stance.

At the same time, the all new Polo is now 69mm wider and has an overall width of 1,751mm. This makes it larger than the crowd favourite Honda Jazz.

More importantly, its increase in proportions is most beneficial on the inside.

The all new Polo now offers more space for five occupants - headroom at the front is a spacious 1,019mm, and passengers in the rear enjoy headroom of 964mm. The boot volume has also increased impressively by 25% from its predecessor's 280 litres to 351 litres.

The more spacious cabin now also features a new, clean layout with key modules, except for the air-conditioning unit, integrated on the upper cross-panel of the dashboard. Located in the middle is new Composition Media infotainment system, housed in an 8-inch touchscreen and features eight soft-touch function buttons with two rotary/push-button controls.

Boot volume of the all new Polo has increased impressively by 25% from its predecessor's 280 litres to 351 litres
Along with the SD card interface, it also offers a USB port and a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones. Connectivity for today's Apple and Android smartphones is also available via App-Connect - when your phone is connected via a USB cable, approved apps can be used over the infotainment system.

The more expensive Polo Beats 1.0 TSI variant will come standard with Volkswagen's new second generation 10.25-inch Active Info Display that offers improved graphics, higher pixel density, greater brightness and contrast, and fewer conventional indicator lamps.

The Polo Beats 1.0 TSI also marks the first time the 'Beats' vehicle sound system from legendary American audio specialist Dr. Dre is available in Singapore.

With the Polo Beats 1.0 TSI, audiophiles will enjoy a powerful eight-channel amplifier, digital sound processor, subwoofer, and six speakers with a 300W output. Peeking in, the Polo Beats 1.0 TSI is immediately recognisable by the 'beats audio' logo on the B-pillars and on the front seats, as well as a large panoramic sunroof.

The Polo Beats 1.0 TSI is identifiable by the 'beats audio' logo on the front seats
Both the Polo Comfortline 1.0 TSI and Polo Beats 1.0 TSI are powered by a petrol engine with 113bhp and 200Nm of torque.

Fitted with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox as standard, the all new Polo accelerates from 0-100km/h in a respectable 9.5 seconds. With its new body structure, the all new Polo also enjoys technical advantages such as improved body stiffness and crash properties.

Buyers can also rest assured that improved safety systems such as Volkswagen's Rest Assist, which detects waning concentration of the driver, are available on both variants, with the additional Park Assist system available on the Polo Beats 1.0 TSI.

Prices as of press time (inclusive of COE)

Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.0 TSI DSG - $89,900 (OMV $19,000)
Volkswagen Polo Beats 1.0 TSI DSG - $99,900 (OMV $22,000)

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