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Jaguar Singapore plays up Cyber Monday for the third year running with their first-ever Chatbot Auction, built on the Facebook platform.

21 Nov 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Wearnes Automotive, the sole authorised retailer of Jaguar cars in Singapore, has launched its first-ever Cyber Monday Auction Chatbot.

Jaguar's Auction Chatbot is now live, and will be active till 11:59pm on Cyber Monday, 26 November. Users will be able to vote for their favourite Jaguar from 20 to 22 November, and the most voted models will be revealed on 23 November. From 23 to 25 November, users can gear up for Cyber Monday by registering to bid. The actual bidding will commence at midnight on 26 November.

The Cyber Monday Auction mechanism is an extension to the current functions of the Jaguar Bot, where customers get to experience an AI-assisted online shopping process when purchasing a Jaguar. The Jaguar Bot was launched in mid-October, providing a 24/7 personalised, conversational and dynamic digital experience for consumers to interact with the brand.

Check out the Jaguar Cyber Monday Chatbot Auction here.
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