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Certificate of Entitlement premiums closed lower across the board in the first round of bidding for December, with Cat A recording the biggest dip once again.

05 Dec 2018 | Local News : Singapore

In the first round of COE bidding in December, premiums across all categories continue to dip, with Cat A recording the biggest drop once more.

COE prices have dipped across the board once more, with Cat A recording the biggest decrease at $1,432
Premiums for Cat A, for cars up to 1,600cc in engine capacity and with an output of no more than 130bhp, fell by $1,432 (5.7%) and ended at $23,568.

Premiums for Cat B, larger cars with more than 130bhp or engine displacements larger than 1,600cc, fell by $100 (0.32%) and ended at $31,001.

In Cat E, the open category, premiums went down by $108 (0.34%), with premiums closing at $30,851.

The continued dip can be attributed to several factors, such as the increase of COE supply from November, and that most of the car buying has been done at end-October's Cars@Expo and many potential car buyers are likely holding off their purchases until the Singapore Motor Show 2019 next January.
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