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Exactly 15 years ago, Volkswagen introduced the first dual-clutch gearbox for large-scale production in the Golf R32.

07 Dec 2018 | International News : Germany

There were two separate 'gearbox worlds' until a few years ago. Automatic transmission has always been preferred in North America. At the turn of the millennium, 88% of all motorists there opted for automatic transmission. Western Europe, which is dominated by compact vehicles, presented a completely different picture in 2000. Here, only 14% of cars - predominantly premium models - had automatic transmissions. 

Exactly 15 years ago, Volkswagen introduced the first Dual-Clutch Gearbox (DSG) for large-scale production in the Golf R32. More economical and sporty than any automatic gearbox before, the DSG changed the way gears are shifted and thus driving itself. Gears were almost always shifted manually before the DSG came along in 2003 and shifted gears faster than any driver could manage manually. To date, more than 26 million drivers of Volkswagen and the Group models have opted for a DSG.

In 2018, the DSG installation rate for the Golf is over 40%. It is even almost 30% for the smaller Polo. The Golf SV has an installation rate of 50%. In the Passat, the average is between 60% for the sedan and 70% for the estate. The Arteon constantly breaks the 80% mark.
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