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Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will be offering its Total-Care Service to Grab, using telematics data for fleet maintenance and management.

18 Dec 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (TMAP) Pte Ltd will be offering its Total-Care Service (TCS) for the 1,500 Toyota vehicles owned by Grab through its subsidiary GrabRentals.

The service was announced today by Russel Cohen (left), Grab Head of Regional Operations, and Susumu Matsuda, President, TMAP
The service and official partnership was announced today by Russell Cohen, Grab Head of Regional Operations, and Susumu Matsuda, President, TMAP Pte Ltd.

TCS is an innovative service that is developed by Toyota for ride-hailing companies.

It uses telematics data through a shared information platform that is able to provide services such as fleet management, telematics-based vehicle insurance and vehicle maintenance packages for Grab.

The telematics data will be collected with an in-vehicle data transmission device, TransLog, which is then fed to the core of TCS, the Toyota Mobility Services Platform (MSPF). The MSPF then will send data to insurance companies to use for scoring, Borneo Motors for maintenance scheduling, as well as Grab, complimenting its analytical tools that are currently in place.

TCS allows for various levels of support that translates to a safer experience for driver-partners under Grab. The TransLog device detects abnormalities in vehicle data, such as a collision. Grab then can render assistance in such situations, with various data such as vehicle speed, throttle and braking positions for insurance purposes.

TCS will also streamline maintenance for Toyota vehicles under Grab's fleet with telematics on vehicle status and issues fed directly to Borneo Motors
Through this, the device can also encourage good driving behaviour by recording different driving habits. This allows for Grab to advise its driver-partners according to their driving style, further reducing the chances of road accidents.

In addition, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance - an insurance company affliated with Toyota, will offer telematics-based vehicle insurance to Grab for a reduction in insurance premiums. Ride-hailing vehicles accumulate about 90,000km a year, which is about five times more mileage than privately-owned vehicles.

As such, it is essential to provide proper vehicle maintenance based on the vehicle's condition. MSPF, through TransLog, is able to provide information to Borneo Motors, when vehicles reach their scheduled mileage for service or any vehicle warnings. The driver will then be informed to visit a service centre where an Intensive Care Stall (ICS) is in place to streamline maintenance procedues for ride-hailing vehicles.

With digitised systems and equipment, the regular maintenance process through ICS requires only 30 minutes, reducing downtimes and minimising income losses of driver-partners. The average waiting time in the past was 70 minutes.

Toyota plans to offer this service in Southeast Asia to its vehicles owned by Grab in phases. Both companies plan to work together to increase the share of Toyota vehicles used in Grab's fleet by 25% to by 2020.
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