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Originally launched in 1973, the Passat is one of the most successful Volkswagen models and is now sold in every continent.

24 Dec 2018 | International News : Germany

For 45 years the Passat has been on course for the future. Originally launched in 1973, it is now sold on every continent. 

The first generation Passat was launched in 1973 and Volkswagen has built more than 29 million units since then
Volkswagen has built more than 29 million Passat vehicles in eight generations so far. 2019 will see the start of a new evolutionary stage of the most successful mid-size car ever, as the Passat becomes the first in its segment to break through the barrier of 30 million units.

The Passat has now become a true reflection of progress in the field of automotive engineering, with pioneering technological developments - from the anti-lock brake system through to modern, intelligently networked assist systems - have accompanied the Passat over the years.

As an all-rounder tailored to the needs of families and business users, it has also become the most successful mid-size car in the world. There are independent versions and derivative models in Europe, China and the U.S.A, together they form one of the most important Volkswagen product pillars.

As it celebrates its 45th anniversary, the Passat is again offered as a sedan and variant. Both body versions will not just be available with a classic combustion engine, but also with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which temporarily turns the Passat into an electrically powered, zero-emissions vehicle.

The production preparations for the new Passat are currently taking place behind the scenes at the Emden plant in North Germany. The countdown for the market launch of the next evolutionary stage of this product line will already start at the end of January 2019 - a Passat with new drive, light, assist and infotainment technologies and a new level of online services.

The first target is breaking the 30 million barrier - after the Golf (35 million) and before the Beetle (21.5 million), this makes the Passat one of the three most successful models in the history of Volkswagen.
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