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Transport operator SBS Transit is expected to identify and groom a new Chief Executive Officer, even after the recent appointment of Mr. Yang Ban Seng.

17 Jan 2019 | Local News : Singapore

Transport operator SBS Transit is expected to identify and groom a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), even after it recently appointed Mr. Yang Ban Seng to the helm. Mr. Yang, 62, who is Chief Executive of SBS Transit's parent group ComfortDelGro Corp, was named CEO of the bus and rail subsidiary on Monday. He replaces Mr. Gan Juay Kiat, 61, who tendered his resignation last month over extra-marital affairs involving one or more subordinates.

Mr. Yang Ban Seng was recently appointed to the helm
According to well-placed sources, Mr. Yang was asked to fill in for the time being as the group searches for a suitable candidate to succeed Mr. Gan.

Mr. Yang is a group veteran, having led the taxi business of the Comfort Group since the 1990s - before Comfort's merger with DelGro in 2003. Post-merger, he continued heading the group's cab business. He was appointed group CEO in 2017, when his predecessor Kua Hong Pak stepped down after a long illness. Mr. Kua died last November at age 74.

Mr. Gan has been with SBS Transit for 11 years - first as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, before being appointed CEO in 2010. He is on 'garden leave' until March. The term refers to an employee who has relinquished his position but is told to stay away from work as he serves out his notice period.

Said Mr. David Leong, Managing Director of human resource firm PeopleWorldwide Consulting, "In finding a new leader, the organisation should be sourcing for someone who can take it through a five to 10-year horizon. Hence, it is inevitable that they would be sourcing for a younger person. In the meantime, Ban Seng is a safe pair of hands to deal with the transition."

Said an SBS Transit shareholder, "Frankly, it is not easy to find someone who understands this industry. There are not many in the market."
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