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The all new Soul EV joins Kia's growing range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars with a choice of two long-range, zero-emission powertrains.

01 Mar 2019 | International News : Korea

Fresh, funky and distinctive, the Soul EV celebrates the iconic design and playful character of the first and second generation Soul models. With newly sculpted lines, sharp details, and technical lighting elements, the Soul EV is the most futuristic, youthful and innovative iteration yet.

In its third generation, Kia's pioneering urban crossover has become more distinctive, dynamic and innovative than ever
In profile, the Soul EV's boxy silhouette remains clear, yet subtle adjustments to its proportions and details give the car a more confident appearance. At 4,195mm in length, the Soul EV is 55mm longer than the car it replaces - with a 2,600mm wheelbase (+30mm) and a 15mm longer front overhang.

Since the Soul's inception, music has been an overarching theme behind its design. In its third generation, this continues to be a core attribute of the car's persona.

For the new model, designers and engineers have 'turned up the volume' on the interior, drawing inspiration from the visualisation of sound.

The Soul EV's interior space is finished with acoustic-inspired shapes and textures, creating a full sensory experience. The Soul EV retains the signature 'tweeter' speakers, which bookend the dashboard, a feature of the previous generation Soul, which exemplified the car's combination of cool design and ultimate functionality.

Drivers have a choice of long-range (64kWh) and standard-range (39.2kWh) powertrains. Whichever version a buyer chooses, both variants offer vastly improved range over the outgoing Soul EV. On-road performance is also enhanced, with significantly more powerful electric motors providing 395Nm of torque - 39% more than before.
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