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Hyundai commissioned artist Andreas Preis to create the 'Drive A Statement' Project Tucson - an eye-catching illustration on a New Tucson N Line

30 Mar 2019 | International News : U.K.

Hyundai Motor is offering customers a growing range of attractive N choices. With the launch of the new Tucson N Line, they'll be able to drive the brand's first SUV with the sporty N look and feel.

Hyundai commissioned German artist Andreas Preis to create a unique Tucson N Line
To mark the occasion, Hyundai enlisted German artist Andreas Preis to create the 'Drive A Statement' Project Tucson, a unique illustration on a Tucson N Line.

The new Tucson N Line combines the popular design, safety and comfort of the Tucson with the motorsport-inspired dynamic styling and attitude of N Line.

With its sportier, aggressive design elements, the model is aimed at people who want to drive a statement that is sophisticated, yet bold.

For this special occasion, Hyundai chose to work with Andreas Preis as he is renowned for his multi-faceted works of art. He specialises in illustration, murals and live paintings and likes to draw and paint portraits of abstract shapes and ornaments through a range of different mediums including paper, canvas, walls and wood.

Hyundai asked Preis to create a truly eye-catching design that turns the New Tucson N Line into a real statement, while emphasising the car's new features. It is inspired by Hyundai N's heritage, and takes many cues from motorsport, with references to corners, chicanes, curbs and chequered flags, as well as the livery of Hyundai's i20 Coupe WRC and i30 N TCR models. The visual elements and lines also create a dynamic, fast look, especially along the sides of the car.

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