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Outperforming its rivals in the mid-size sedan segment in Europe, Opel has had to add three extra shifts at its German plant to meet the demand.

07 May 2009 | International News : Germany

Europe's Car of the Year 2009 has moved another step up to be the European car buyers' first choice. Thanks to the new Insignia's spectacular market launch, Opel now leads the mid-size segment in Europe.

In the first full quarter of Insignia sales, Opel surpassed all competition in the mid-size sedan segment in Europe. Sales began in January and more than 100,000 orders have already been placed.

Due to the high demand for the new Opel flagship, three extra shifts will be added at the Russelsheim plant in May.

"The Insignia is showing very good conquest potential, all the way to customers of classic premium brands," says Alain Visser, Vice President Opel at General Motors Europe. "It is a symbol of our performance and ability - it shows what Opel can do."

In Germany Opel saw strong gains in the mid-sized segment: Sales in the first quarter jumped 82 percent compared with the same period last year. The Insignia's leading-edge technology is especially popular. "In this way, car for car, Opel can achieve higher margins with the Insignia than with its predecessor model. That's very important for Opel's future," Visser adds.

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