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Volkswagen has lined up two Beetles to participate in the Mille Miglia, its entry a homage to the end of the Beetle's production

20 May 2019 | International News : Italy

When the northern Italian city of Brescia transformed into an open-air car museum on 15 May, two very special Volkswagen Beetles were among the 430 vintage cars on the Piazza della Vittoria. The Mille Miglia is by no means a gentle drive, it is a race, and a fast and uncompromising one at that - 1,600km over three days, from Brescia to Rome and back.

The Beetle's appearance at the iconic Mille Miglia is another example of what has connected millions of people for decades. The Beetle era will draw to a close in summer 2019, when the last Beetle rolls off the production line.

Over 70 years after the start of production, and 21 years after the launch of the New Beetle, it is time to bid a final farewell. The Volkswagen Beetle will also be given a worthy send-off, with a special Final Edition model.
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