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Volkswagen's new 'We Campus' to bring together experts from Volkswagen and its technology partners to develop new added digital tech and mobility services.

10 Jul 2019 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen has inaugurated a new 'We Campus' in Berlin. The new facility will bring together experts from Volkswagen and its technology partners who have previously worked at different locations to develop new added value and mobility services which will be offered within the 'Volkswagen We' ecosystem. This will include the full-electric car sharing service WeShare which has been launched in Berlin with 1,500 e-Golf vehicles. Volkswagen is looking to expand this ecosystem and intends to create further future-oriented jobs at the campus.

New campus to build on the 'Volkswagen We' ecosystem that includes the full-electric car sharing service that utilises the e-Golf vehicles
With more and more companies investing in technologies and concepts for sustainable urban transport, Volkswagen seeks to create a competitive edge in the field of future technology by locating its research centre in the heart of Berlin.

"With the Volkswagen 'We' ecosystem, we are offering people tailor-made possibilities of putting their own car to a variety of different uses and also being mobile in other ways. It is simple, digital and intended to meet all requirements," says Christian Senger, Volkswagen Brand Board Member responsible for Digital Car & Services. "We intend to continue and expand our offering. In future, we will be working in this area at the 'We Campus' in the heart of Berlin. Here, we will be in tune with urban mobility. The 'We Campus' offers ideal conditions for the development and testing of new mobility services."

New campus will accelerate the testing of software by getting  technology partners directly involved within work processes
Volkswagen has geared the facility towards the requirements of modern digital development work. A key factor will be the utilisation of 'agile working' methods - mixing interdisciplinary experts including specialists such as product developers and software engineers together within its 15,900 square meters of office space - to simplify procedures and accelerate the testing of newly developed software by getting participating technology partners directly involved within work processes.

Another innovation Volkswagen is applying is the 'two-pizza rule'. Under this organisational principle, teams must be small enough that two pizzas should be adequate to feed all the team members. This approach promotes personal information exchange and reaps the benefits of agile working including greater promoting initiative and self-organisation without hierarchies.

The use of small teams at the new campus will promote initiative and self-organisation without hierarchies
At the new location, Volkswagen AG will work with strategic partners Diconium, as well as UMI Mobility International, Volkswagen Group Services and Elli, and the Volkswagen Naturstrom® provider. When all the relocations have been completed, a total of 900 or so experts will be working at the facility. Volkswagen also plans to create new future-oriented jobs at the campus.

The new Campus will also serve as a development centre for the new 'Car Software' unit of the Volkswagen Group and offer itself as a location for other Group brands. By 2025, Volkswagen intends to group more than 5,000 experts with competencies in areas such as software development, electronics development, connectivity, automated driving, user experience, cloud architecture and e-commerce together into one consolidated unit.
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