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Cupra claims the concept car will fuse materials and technology to deliver a driving environment like no other vehicle, but one that is truly Cupra.

26 Aug 2019 | International News : Germany

Cupra has unveiled the first picture of the interior of its latest concept car, set to make its world debut at this year's Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The Cupra Ateca (above) is the first model from the Cupra brand
The Cupra Concept, the brand's first all electric road vehicle, promises to create a true sense of performance pedigree in a purposeful design, creating a bold statement of what the future of personal mobility can be.

Cupra reveals that the Concept's interior will apply contrasting colours, structural carbon and dynamic approaches to technology and design to provide a high-end, lightweight cabin.

The concept car will provide a space that mixes material and technological concepts with openness and focus to create a cabin that provides the perfect balance between driver orientation and passenger comfort.

Cupra also reveals that the Cupra Concept will bring new ideas to what a Cupra can offer, with the ability to switch its personality to meet the needs of whoever is cocooned inside.

A digital revealing of the Cupra Concept is set for 2 September, from which it will move on the Frankfurt for its global debut.

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