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Guests were treated to a variety of uniquely British dishes and experiences as they got to learn more of the illustrious history of the marque.

25 Aug 2019 | Local News : Singapore

The themes of community, history, and heritage came crashing together at Mini's 60th birthday celebration, held at the NCO Club at JW Marriot on 24 August, just one week after Eurokars organised 100 MINI owners to form a giant '60' on the rooftop of their Aftersales centre.

Gallery showcased the long history of the brand since 1959
Guests and the media were treated to a variety of food and drinks, coupled with the opportunity to see the MINI 60 Years Edition in the metal at what used to be the Beach Road Camp grounds.

Just as the camp grounds used to hold the former Non-Commissioned Officers Club - a pillar of esprit de corps building for the army - MINI likewise seeks to forge a tightly-knit community of MINI owners and fans with its host of activities organised in celebration of its 60th year.

The event was divided into four sections, each hosted within a seperate room of the modern NCO Club, and each delivering a distinctively British experience for guests at the event.

The wide variety of items from the MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection were on display
The first, called the Oxford Heritage gallery, showcased the illustrious history of the MINI, from its early years conceived as an answer to the then ongoing fuel crisis, to its launch to stardom and status as a cultural icon as a result of its rallying success and its starring role in various movies.

A selection of items from the MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection was also on display, from clothing and accessories to children's products.

The second room was named the Issigonis drawing room, and is a reference to the fact that the original MINI's designer, Alec Issigonis, penned his first design for the original MINI on a napkin in a restaurant much like the one we were in.

Various pictures from the early days of the MINI marque were on show, including a copy of the sketch that started it all
Guests at the event got to savor another icon of British history - Scotch from the Scottish Highlands - while admiring photos from the early history of the brand, including a copy of the original sketch itself.

The third, called the Austin Bar, treated guests to a British bar experience, along with servings of smoked salmon on raisin biscuits.

Guests to the event also got the opportunity to pen down their well wishes for the Mini brand along one of the walls of the bar.

Finally, in the fourth 'John Cooper tracks' room, guests to the event got to enjoy a round of classic British staples - Bangers and Mash as well as Fish and Chips to finish off the afternoon.

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