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BMW now meets the increased need for individual protection and superiority in any situation with the new BMW X5 Protection VR6.

31 Aug 2019 | International News : Germany

BMW now meets the need for individual protection in any situation with the new BMW X5 Protection VR6, offering private individuals customised protection against violent attacks, kidnapping or organised crime. BMW expects the car to be in demand in regions including South America, Africa and Russia.

Aluminium shielding protects the occupants from firearms and explosive devices
The BMW X5 Protection VR6 combines a standard range of integrated protective equipment with the driving dynamics, comfort and advanced technology of the regular BMW X5.

Moulded armour-plating components and the security glazing blend in harmoniously with the overall vehicle, making the armoured car barely distinguishable from a conventional production vehicle.

An aluminium underbody splinter shield, armoured luggage compartment partition and security glazing are all standard, and contribute towards the protection of the interior against attacks from firearms and explosive devices.

Multi-layered safety glass can withstand attacks by impact weapons
Multi-layered safety glass with a thickness of approximately 33mm for the windscreen, doors and luggage compartment partition wall are also capable of withstanding attack by impact weapons.

Furthermore, penetration by bullets or fragments is prevented by tightly sealed protection and overlapping amour-plating within the door gaps and bodywork joints, as well as the transitions between body panels.

The armoured passenger compartment can withstand lateral blasts of up to 15kg of TNT from a distance of four metres.

Another integral component of the armoured car is the self-sealing fuel tank. A special sheathing ensures that the tank closes automatically following an attack in order to prevent fuel spillage. Standard run-flat tyres with reinforced sidewalls allow the driver to continue the journey even after a complete loss of tyre pressure.

The BMW X5 Protection VR6 is indistinguishable from a regular X5 in order to provide customers the additional safety of discretion
Optional post-crash functions also serve to retain mobility in extreme situations. They ensure that the engine of the new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is not switched off after a collision and that the energy supply is never interrupted.

Necessary power comes from a 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. With a maximum power output of 523bhp and maximum torque of 750Nm, acceleration from zero to 100km/h happens in just 5.9 seconds, ensuring the car is capable of fleeing from any dangerous situation. The top speed of the new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is electronically limited to 210 km/h.

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