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Toyota has announced that cumulative global sales of its longest-selling Land Cruiser series have surpassed 10 million units.

24 Sep 2019 | International News : Japan

Toyota has announced that cumulative global sales of its Land Cruiser series have surpassed 10 million units. According to Toyota data, cumulative sales stood at 10 million units as of 31 August, 2019.

Toyota Land Cruisers continue to serve duty in many parts of the world thanks to their outstanding reliability
The Land Cruiser is Toyota's longest-selling car. It launched on 1 August, 1951, as the Toyota Jeep BJ, and production has continued for 68 years.

Full-scale exports of the Land Cruiser began with the 20 Series, which was introduced in November 1955, four years after the launch of the first-generation car. Since then, Toyota has consistently developed versions that cater to customer needs, without sacrificing the reliability, durability, and drivability on poor roads that served as the basis of development concepts on which the Land Cruiser is based.

Early Land Cruisers were instrumental in building Toyota's reputation for reliability around the world
The Land Cruiser has, for this reason, continued to receive the support of customers around the world. In the beginning, fewer than 100 units were exported per year, but by 1965, 10 years after full-scale exports commenced, that figure had surpassed 10,000 units per year.

At present, the Land Cruiser is sold in approximately 170 countries and regions worldwide, with annual global sales standing at approximately 400,000 units.

The Land Cruiser contributed significantly to increased trust in the Toyota brand around the world, and created a foothold for the company to expand its exports. Due to its outstanding reliability and durability, there are regions where Land Cruiser 40 Series vehicles continue to be used today, some 50 years after they were manufactured.

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