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SK Garage flies the Singapore flag high at Sepang International Circuit after finishing 3rd in the Malaysia Championship Series.

16 Oct 2019 | International News : Malaysia

Once again, our local racing team from SK Garage has raised the Singapore flag up high at the Malaysia Championship Series.

The team went through a gruelling development process to prepare the Civic FD2 Type-R for the race
Despite having to compete with teams throughout South East Asia, SK Garage has emerged 3rd in the overall championship season.

The gruesome 300km race at the Sepang International Circuit was both hot and technical. The team went through a gruelling development process to prepare its Civic FD2 Type-R for the race, finishing with a car that now sports a 99.5% podium rate.

SK Garage is now looking forward to the 2020 Race Season and welcoming new sponsors to work with, as well looking out for new drivers that are interested in racing.

This project car has come a long way since 2015. The garage has tested many parts and components, as well as experimented with many variables including altering transmission ratios, suspension setup and geometry. This also included adjusting the car's engine performance and aerodynamics in a bid to gain any competitive edge they could find. The team's constant work on the car allows them to make changes so as to produce faster lap times without sacrificing engine reliability.

With the constant advancement of technology and changing regulations to the series allowing an increasing variety of race entrants, the team is currently hard at work on a new project for the next season.
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