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Weighing one-fourth of conventional sound insulation materials, Nissan's Acoustic Meta-material delivers both quietness and efficiency.

09 Jan 2020 | International News : U.S.A

Nissan has unveiled a new material at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show that can help make car cabins quieter while also boosting energy efficiency.

The new material controls air vibrations to limit the transmission of road and engine noise
The new material utilises the combination of a lattice structure and a plastic film to control air vibrations and limit the transmission of wide-frequency band noise (500-1200Hz) such as road and engine noise.

Currently, most materials used to isolate this frequency band consist mainly of heavy rubber board. Nissan's new Acoustic Meta-material weighs only a quarter of these traditional materials while providing the same degree of sound isolation.

Because of its simple structure, the material's cost competitiveness in terms of mass production is almost the same as current materials. The material can therefore be applied to vehicles where the use of sound insulation is currently limited due to cost or weight.

A video demonstration of how the material works from Nissan is available on Nissan's Youtube channel here.
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