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Nissan and Uber sign a deal for up to 2,000 all electric Leafs to be made available for drivers who use the app in London.

28 Jan 2020 | International News : U.K.

Nissan and Uber have signed a deal to support the introduction of 2,000 units of the all electric Nissan Leaf for drivers who use the Uber app in London.

The fleet of 40kWh Nissan Leafs, which can travel up to 270km on a single charge and are manufactured in Sunderland, U.K., will be offered to drivers as part of Uber's Clean Air Plan. Nissan will provide Uber with a dedicated EV education programme, transaction price and marketing plan to drive uptake of the zero emission vehicles. This deal will help to deliver Uber's vision for every car on the app in London - around 45,000 drivers - to be fully electric from 2025.

Launched in January 2019, Uber's Clean Air Plan aims to tackle air pollution in London by helping drivers upgrade to an electric vehicle through the introduction of a Clean Air Fee - $0.16 per km is added on to all London journeys which will help drivers with the cost of adopting an electric vehicle. In the first year, Uber has raised more than $141 million to support drivers transitioning to electric vehicles, with more than $353 million expected to be raised over the next few years.
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