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A spectacular light installation in Lisbon demonstrates the progress made in expanding the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

04 Feb 2020 | International News : Portugal

The MINI Electric has raised the profile of sustainable mobility at its market launch in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

The charisma emanating from electric mobility was symbolised in a very special way, using powerful searchlights connected to public charging stations in the city, and allowing their impressive cones of light to be directed into the night sky. The light show projected a very clear message: There's no shortage of charging points.

The event was staged by MINI in cooperation with Lisbon's city authority and was concentrated on the inner city and three urban districts along the Atlantic coast. It quite literally highlighted the sheer density of the network of charging points and demonstrated the excellent conditions for electric driving. The light cones projected into the sky by the searchlights signaled how drivers of electrically powered automobiles are now able to charge the high-voltage batteries installed in their vehicles at virtually every street corner.

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