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Mercedes-Benz has announced the availability of the new GLS450 4MATIC+ in Singapore, reaffirming its reputation as the 'S-Class of SUVs'.

28 Mar 2020 | Local News : Singapore

Now available in Singapore, the new GLS is Mercedes-Benz's largest and most luxurious SUV that offers more of everything - more space, more comfort and more luxury. 

The confident presence of its exterior stems from its impressive dimensions, which are even larger than those of its predecessor, while the interior impresses with luxurious appeal and enhanced comfort.

The new GLS 450 comes with a mild hybrid engine, only available outside Europe
The new 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line engine produces 362bhp and 500Nm of torque.  It is electrified with a 48V on-board electrical system and Integrated Starter-Generator (ISG) that produces 250Nm of torque and 21bhp, which is available via EQ Boost over short periods of time.

The ISG performs hybrid functions such as boosting, sailing or energy recovery that were previously reserved for high-voltage hybrid technology, making increased fuel savings possible.

Power is transmitted by the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission that has a broad spread of gears that reduces engine speed and is a decisive factor behind the high efficiency and ride comfort. The fully variable 4MATIC all-wheel drive that comes as standard also includes a torque-on-demand function thanks to the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case. The optional Off-Road Package adds a low-range off-road gear ratio. In addition, the E-Active Body Control adjusts the ground clearance individually at all wheels.

The 4MATIC combines with the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL to deliver stellar capability off-road capability
The advanced AIRMATIC air suspension system with ADS PLUS adaptive damping system comes as standard in the new GLS. This set-up uses highly complex sensor systems and algorithms to adapt the damping characteristics to the road condition and driving situation in real time.

It can also ensure the right ground clearance independent of the load - lowering the car for convenient entering and exiting, for loading and unloading the boot, for saving fuel on the motorway and raise the car to go over bumps.

The optional active E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension is the only system on the market able to individually control the springing and damping forces at each wheel. Together with Road Surface Scan and the curve tilting function 'Curve', E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL makes a quite exceptional level of comfort possible. The rocking mode can help the GLS in difficult off-road situations such as being bogged down by a sand dune.

The GLS 450 offers an incredible amount of boot space, up to 2400 litres with all rear seats folded down
The new GLS has impressive aerodynamics in the large luxury SUV segment at cd 0.32 compared with its predecessor at cd 0.35. Three rows of power seats come as standard, and offer lots of room and comfort for up to seven passengers thanks to a wheelbase of 3,135mm.

All rear seats can be folded separately or at the same time at a single touch of a button to create a level loading area measuring over 2,200mm in length, freeing up space for a maximum boot capacity of 2,400 litres.

The GLS is equipped with the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system. MBUX is a user experience revolution in the car with regard to 3D graphics and intuitive operation including via touchscreen, as well as functions such as MBUX Augmented Reality or MBUX Interior Assistant. 

The latest generation MBUX ensures first class entertainment and comfort for its passengers 
The optional Rear Comfort Package Plus includes a 7.0-inch Android tablet in its own docking station in the second row's larger luxury centre armrest.

The tablet allows control of all the MBUX comfort and entertainment functions from the rear seat rows, such as access to radio, TV, media, phone and web browser. It can also be used to control the Rear Seat Comfort package and the five-zone automatic climate control for the rear seats.

One of the new features in the optional Driving Assistance package Plus is the Active Stop-and-Go Assist. When driving in a tailback on the motorway, the GLS keeps in lane and maintains the safety distance with a high range of speeds up to 60km/h. Once the tailback clears, the GLS accelerates back up to the speed preset for Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC which automatically maintains correct distance from the vehicle ahead, gives noticable steering assistance even on bends and route-based speed adaptation.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Mild Hybrid GLS450 4MATIC (A) $443,888
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