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Embodying values like performance and versatility, CrossFit athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir will now represent Volkswagen's sporty brand around the world.

05 Apr 2020 | International News : Germany

World-class Athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir will now represent Volkswagen R as its brand ambassador.

The Icelandic CrossFit star is described by Volkswagen as authentically embodying Volkswagen R's values such as performance and versatility.

Sara Sigmundsdottir embodies performance and versatility, the same values that Volkswagen R cherishes
Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of the world's most successful female CrossFit athletes. She won the CrossFit Open, the second most important competition in this sport, in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

She has also won prestigious regional competitions in Europe and Dubai, and has also won bronze medals in 2015 and 2016 at the CrossFit Games, the sport's world championship competition. CrossFit is a competition that incorporates a range of exercises from various disciplines.

"As an athlete who challenges herself in a range of disciplines and strives for perfection, Sara Sigmundsdottir is an ideal brand ambassador," Jost Capito, Managing Director of Volkswagen R, said in welcoming the Icelandic competitor to the Volkswagen R team. "Her ambition and her incredible athletic performance reflect the essence of the Volkswagen R."
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