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BMW M GmbH is unveiling its third generation of the high performance BMW X5 M competition and BMW X6 M competition models.

14 Apr 2020 | Local News : Singapore

BMW Asia and Performance Munich Autos have announced the launch of the first-ever BMW X5 M Competition and BMW X6 M Competition, both models delivering handling agility, dynamism, and precision unmatched in their class.

The newest cars are the third generation of BMw's high-performance executive-class Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) models.

The competition spec 4.4-litre V8 engine brings responsive throttle control and free-revving eagerness
The 4.4-litre M TwinPower Turbo technology V8 engine teams up with two turbochargers positioned in the 'V' between the cylinder banks, whose impact is further enhanced by a cross-bank exhaust manifold. Torque peaks at 750Nm between 1,800rpm and 5,800rpm, while maximum output is 616bhp.

Both models accelerate from zero to 100km/h in a mere 3.8 seconds for both models. The first-ever BMW X5 M Competition clocks the zero to 200km/h sprint in 13.4 seconds, and the first-ever BMW X6 M Competition at 13.2 seconds for the same sprint. Both models have an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h.

An M-specific chassis that has been tailored to both the engine's performance profile and the SAV/SAC vehicle concept, as well as design features taken from the M playbook ensure imposing power and supremely controllable handling, even at the dynamic limits. The power unit's firm connection to the vehicle's structure results in remarkably instantaneous engine response and direct transmission of its power to the drivetrain.

A super-stiff engine mounting results also makes the car sharper on turn-in while dampening the transmission of engine noise to the cabin. The M Sport exhaust system captures all of the engine's free-revving eagerness and propulsive power to thrilling effect, generating a soundtrack of particular emotional richness.

The eight-speed M Steptronic transmission's gearshift characteristics can be selected on the on the M-specific selector lever
The latest version of the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic can adjust gearshift characteristics using the Drivelogic button on the M-specific selector lever, along with M shift paddles for manual control.

The M competitions' drivetrain include M xDrive all-wheel-drive system and the Active M Differential at the rear axle. The default 4WD setting transmit most power to the rear and powers the front when more power and tractive force is required. The 4WD Sport mode brings in extra intensity, with greater proportion of torque directed to the rear wheels.

The first-ever BMW X5 M Competition and BMW X6 M Competition are fitted with extensive measures to optimise the stiffness of the body structure and suspension mountings. Standard specification includes the adaptive M suspension system with electronically controlled dampers, the active roll stabilisation system, and M Servotronic steering.

The electric swivel motors on the active roll stabilisation system have a high adjustment torque, enabling extremely direct damper response when absorbing bumps on the road surface or taming body roll. The version of the integrated braking system developed for BMW M models presents the driver with two settings for brake pedal feel - Comfort mode allows for comfort-oriented feedback, while Sport mode makes for an extremely direct, instantaneous response.

Both models feature a fine-grain Merino full leather trim with M-specific hexagonal quilting
Inside the high-performance models, abundant space, top-class materials, and build quality radiating precise craftsmanship create a luxurious ambience.

The restyled selector is trimmed in leather with an embossed M logo and stitching in M GmbH colours, and includes the Drivelogic switch. It also incorporates an eye-catching cut-out accentuated by the integral ambient lighting.

Both models feature a fine-grain Merino full leather trim with M-specific hexagonal quilting - this is also used for the door trim panels, the lower section of the instrument panel, the front seat backs, the door panelling, and the door pockets in leather too. A BMW Individual headliner in Alcantara anthracite is also available as standard. The luxurious interior ambience is further continued with features such as the soft-close function, as well as a Harmon Kardon sound system fitted as standard on the Competition models.

BMW Live Cockpit Professional and Intelligent Personal Assistant comes as standard on both cars
In addition to Road and Sport settings, the first-ever BMW X5 M Competition and BMW X6 M Competition feature a Track setting designed exclusively for use on race circuits, reducing or deactivating safety-enhancing interventions initiated by the driver assistance systems.

The exclusive selection of equipment fitted as standard includes the BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific readouts, M multifunction seats for the driver and front passenger, and the BMW Display Key. Both models also come with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional with navigation system and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant as standard.

The Driving Assistant Professional package provides the best in comfort and safety with features such as the Steering and lane control assistant, the Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection, the Lane Change Assistant, the Evasion Assistant, the Emergency Stop Assistant and the Crossroads warning, Wrong-way warning and Front Cross Traffic Alert systems.

The standard-fit Parking Assistant Plus comes to the driver's aid when selecting and manoeuvring into parking spaces - in addition, the system includes Active Park Distance Control and camera system allowing for the Top View, Panorama View, 3D Top View and Remote 3D View functions. The Reversing Assistant also forms part of standard equipment.

The first-ever BMW X5 M Competition and BMW X6 M Competition will be available for viewing at the Performance Munich Autos showroom after the circuit breaker social distancing measures are lifted.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
BMW M Series X5 M 4.4 xDrive Competition (A) $600,888
BMW M Series X6 M 4.4 xDrive Competition (A) $610,888

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