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Seat awards its employees with a record profit-related bonus of $2,430 in April 2020, in recognition of the workforce's contributions.

18 Apr 2020 | International News : Spain

Seat's employees have recieved a record gross bonus of $2,430 on 15 April 2020, an increase of 45.1% compared to 2018.

For the fourth consecutive year after the approval of the collective bargaining agreement in 2016, the company will be paying a profit-related bonus for the results obtained.

Over the last four years, Seat has paid out almost $6,270 to each employee. The 2019 bonus payment is the highest in Seat's history and is $390 above the maximum established in the collective bargaining agreement.

Seat Vice President for Human Resources Xavier Ros pointed out, "2019 was, again, a record year for Seat thanks to the professionals who make up the company. This historic profit-related bonus is our way of acknowledging everyone's commitment and dedication to achieving the excellent results posted last year in a complicated environment."

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