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New deal to see Karmann making electric cars

12 Jul 2009 | International News : Germany

Shortly after declaring bankruptcy and shutting down its business, German coachbuilder Karmann could be back from the dead, after signing a deal with Volkswagen worth 10 million Euros.

According to the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung newspaper, the deal will reorganise Karmann into a new company, which will see the Osnabrueck-based firm focusing on electric-powered cars.

Among the models that could result from the arrangement is the DuraCar Quicc! DiVas electric vehicle which Karmann has said it will help build last October. They've also showcased an electric concept called the E3 Limousine, which they co-developed with the utility company Oldenburg Energy Group (EWE).

As part of the deal, Karmann is set to re-hire 1,600 workers, out of the 2,240 it had laid off when its doors shut in June.
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