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AL Tyres Pte Ltd has expanded its range of tyre offerings in Singapore with Tourador tyres, offering local customers a new value for money tyre option.

27 Jun 2020 | Local News : Singapore

AL Tyres Pte Ltd has expanded its range of tyre offerings in Singapore with the new Tourador tyres.

Tourador tyres are a budget-friendly range of tyres that offer quality handling and braking performance perfect for driving on Singapore's roads.

The design of the Tourador X Wonder TH1's shoulder block ensures better handing and excellent cornering stability on both wet and dry roads
The Tourador brand is committed to providing comprehensive tyre solutions for passenger cars through innovative technology and outstanding quality products. The brand offers smart, innovative tyres to create a safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable driving experience.

Two tyre models are currently being offered in Singapore. The Tourador X Speed TU1 has been developed for excellent traction and short wet braking distances. Its tread pattern utilises pitch sequencing to reduce road noise, while its outer 3-D lateral groove reduces tyre deformation at high speed for excellent traction and high-speed handling.

The Tourador X Wonder TH1, meanwhile, has been designed for superior cornering performance with its advanced shoulder block design, which ensures better response handing and cornering stability on both wet and dry roads. It also utilises a 'two-face' thread design to minimise road noise and deliver good ride and handing performance.

The Tourador tyres will be available from AL Tyres Pte Ltd at 150C Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409052. They are available in a range of different sizes from 14-inch to 19-inch. Retail prices start from $65 per piece, inclusive of installation. Customers who paste a Tourador sticker on their car rear windscreen will also be entitled to $10 off for every tyre. This promotion is only valid for a limited period.
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