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Bridgestone hosts its first Online Dealer's Appreciation Conference and launches two new tyres - the Potenza Adrenalin RE004 and the Potenza RE-71RS.

29 Jun 2020 | Local News : Singapore

On 26 June, Bridgestone hosted its 2020 Dealers' Appreciation Lunch & Conference via an online conference session.

As the country is still in the midst of tackling COVID-19 and with Bridgestone's commitment to ensuring safety for all its partners, the online conference was an opportunity to recognise its dealers, as well as to highlight two new product launches - the Potenza Adrenalin RE004 and the Potenza RE-71RS.

The RE004 features a wider inside rib and a new innovative compound to deliver improved dry and wet performance
In April 2020, Bridgestone introduced the new Potenza Adrenalin RE004 tyre, a premium street sports tyre that promises greater driving pleasure with maximum handling and high responsiveness on both wet and dry surfaces.

The RE004 features a wider inside rib to maximise the tyre's contact patch with the road, offering a more even pressure distribution and a consistently high level of drive performance. A new innovative compound, which has an evenly-spread silica, improves the tyre's wet and dry performance, while also lowering its rolling resistance, thus reducing the vehicle's environmental impact.

Pegged as a street performance tyre, the RE004 is targeted at drivers looking for tyre responsive and sportiness for everyday driving. It is available in 28 different sizes, for 15 to 20-inch rim sizes.

Featuring 'Ultimate Eye' technology, the RE-71RS delivers optimised grip performance and cornering capability for the track
For drivers looking for high-performance, track-capable tyres that is still street legal, the newly launched Potenza RE-71RS is Bridgestone's sports tyre, now made even faster. Developed with advanced technologies used in motorsports tyres, the RE-71RS is a street legal and circuit driving tyre that offers superior cornering grip performance, precise handling and enhanced durability.

Featuring the brand's exclusive 'Ultimate Eye' technology, the RE-71RS has an asymmetric tread pattern and tyre shape to ensure maximum contact patch during cornering. This also contributes to enhanced dry grip performance and increased speed. With two optimised main grooves, low angled grooves on the inner side of the tyre shoulder and a large area outside the shoulder block, the RE-71RS has a raised cornering limit and higher level of grip to improve the car's steering response and cornering ability. Tested against the previous generation RE-71R tyre, the new RE-71RS demonstrated faster lap times on a dry course, and also has a 5% extended tyre life.

The RE-71RS is targeted at drivers looking for the ultimate in rubber performance - a tyre that allows the enthusiast driver to achieve stellar lap times at the race track, while also being able to be used on the journey there and back. The Potenza RE-71RS is available in 24 different sizes, for 17 to 20-inch rim sizes.

During the online conference, Bridgestone reiterated its commitment to supporting its dealer and ensuring safe operating procedures
The Bridgestone Online Dealers' Appreciation Lunch & Conference was also an opportunity for Bridgestone to reaffirm its commitment to its dealers, with an added focus on ensuring safe practices. Mr. Yang Matsukawa, Operations Director, Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd, highlighted that while 2020 has certainly posed many unforeseen challenges and may not have turned out as expected thus far, Bridgestone is committed to support its dealers in any way that it can by working together, supporting one another and overcoming all odds to do better.

To find out more about these two new Bridgestone tyre, you can head down to your nearest Bridgestone authorised dealer, which you can find here.
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