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Lotus launches its new Certificate of Provenance programme by honouring Colin Chapman's last car, which was newly acquired by Lotus.

12 Aug 2020 | International News : U.K.

Lotus is launching a new Certificate of Provenance programme, revealing the first recipient as a stunning and celebrated Turbo Esprit that was the final 'company car' of Lotus founder Colin Chapman.

The 1981 model, which was also driven by U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during a visit to Norfolk, has recently been acquired by Lotus. Following a sympathetic restoration, it will join the company's collection.

Vehicle provenance documents and Lotus collectables are available to Lotus owners worldwide
The new Certificate of Provenance is designed to appeal to owners of Lotus cars from any era. They could buy one for themselves or receive it as a gift from friends or family. It is then delivered in a distinctive 'For The Drivers' Lotus presentation box.

The Certificate of Provenance is printed on premium paper and provides a summary of the car's details including the VIN, paint colour and specification. The certificate also notes the date on which the car completed its production at the Hethel factory and was passed to the Lotus sales team.

The Build Specification Letter is drafted using detailed vehicle information from the Lotus archive, providing a more in-depth information about the car, including its engine, transmission, standard features and optional extras. Lastly, a personalised letter to the customer signed by Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus Cars, thanks them for their purchase and updates them on the transformation that is taking place at Lotus.

Recently acquired by Lotus, the Esprit will be restored and join the company's collection
All three documents are presented in a simple black envelope placed inside the presentation box, available worldwide through Lotus retailers. 

Beneath it is a selection of Lotus collectables, including an aluminium plaque engraved with the owner's name and information from the Certificate of Provenance, a leather Lotus keyring, a carbon fibre bookmark featuring the brand's nine most significant motorsport laurels, a presentation tin of four badges, and a Lotus ink pen.

The 1981 Lotus Turbo Esprit has the U.K. registration plate UVF 464X and was first registered to Lotus on 1 August of that year. Its own Lotus Certificate of Provenance reveals it was allocated to company founder Colin Chapman for his exclusive use. Following Chapman's death in December 1982, it was sold by Lotus in July 1983 and has been in private hands ever since.

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