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Two new plug-in hybrid versions of the eighth generation Golf are now available in Europe: The Golf eHybrid and the Golf GTE.

30 Aug 2020 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen is electrifying the eighth generation Golf with two new plug-in hybrid versions: The Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE.

With an output of 241bhp, the Golf GTE offers outstandingly sporty performance, combining both power and efficiency. The Golf eHybrid meanwhile, is designed for maximum comfort and delivers an output of 201bhp.

The Golf GTE will deliver 241bhp and a zero emissions range of up to 62km
The new Golf plug-in hybrid versions feature a 50% higher energy capacity (13kWh) compared with the plug-in hybrid drive of the Golf Mk7. This allows a wider electric range. When the battery is charged, the Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE start electrically and therefore with zero local emissions.

The Golf eHybrid can covers up to 80km on electricity alone, while the Golf GTE boasts a locally zero emissions range of up to 62km. A E-MODE driving mode will permit all-electric driving on country roads and motorways.

The TSI engine is automatically switched on at higher speeds - depending on the activated hybrid mode, driving profile or charge level of the battery. The drive then operates in economical Hybrid mode, which makes it possible to achieve very high combined ranges - up to 870km with the e-Hybrid, and up to 745km (based on the New European Driving Cycle) with the Golf GTE.

The Golf eHybrid gets 201bhp and an 80km electric-only range
In both cars, a six-speed dual-clutch DSG is responsible for gearshifts as standard. On longer journeys, electric energy can be reserved for driving into a built-up area at the destination so that driving in the city is possible with locally zero emissions.

By the end of the year, a total of eight different Golf and Golf Variant models will be available with hybrid drive, making the Golf the brand's product line with the greatest level of hybridisation.

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