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The new version will feature an enhanced engine and chassis performance as well as a lighter body derived from the automaker's motorsports program

24 Jul 2009 | International News : Japan

Subaru has released details of a new performance version of their Impreza WRX, which is said to be lighter and more hardcore than the standard Impreza WRX STI.

The new Spec C features enhanced engine and chassis performance as well as a lighter body, while the turbocharger also gets new ball bearings for the turbine axle bearing, and the ECU program was also exclusively tuned.

The changes mean that the Spec C provides quicker response and improved accelerating performance. All told, the performance outputs from the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine stands at 304bhp and 422Nm of torque.

With its specially designed front and rear suspension and improved body rigidity, the chassis offers stable and linear driving control even when traction reaches its limits. The standard model's Torsen-type rear limited slip differential has also been replaced by a mechanical type to provide steady and more powerful traction while cornering. An aluminium bonnet, laminar window panels and a smaller battery all shave weight from the car to achieve better performance.

Other changes include new 19 inch wheels, a tyre repair kit instead of a full size spare wheel, gold-coloured Brembo brakes and seats trimmed in Alcantara and leather. The Spec C will be available in two colours, Sunrise Yellow and Pure White. Only 900 units are expected to be built, and they are expected to be available in the Japanese domestic market only.

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