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An updated design focused on dynamic performance, emotion and statement is due for the new Hyundai i30 N, judging from the first renderings of the new car.

16 Sep 2020 | International News : Korea

Hyundai has revealed the first teaser images of the updated i30 N.

A series of low-lit images of the new car reveal that the new i30 N will have an updated design focused on dynamic performance, emotion and statement.

The early teaser images reveal two large exhaust pipes and new rear lamps for the updated i30 N
The new i30 N features new, aggressive-looking front and rear bumpers, two large exhaust pipes, a wide centre grille with the N signature, and new rear lamps and new LED headlamps with V-shaped DRLs. The new design makes the car look fast even when it is standing still.

The images also show newly-developed 19-inch forged alloy wheels, which Hyundai states are lighter than those of the previous i30 N, contributing to weight reduction in the car.

Hyundai has also revealed that the new i30 N will be available with the company's eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, including dedicated N performance shifting functions - the first Hyundai car in Europe to do so.

More details of the new car will be revealed from Hyundai soon.

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