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Borneo Motors has announced the top three qualifiers for its first-ever regional e-Motorsport event, the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020.

22 Sep 2020 | Local News : Singapore

Borneo Motors has announced the top three Singaporean qualifiers for the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020 (Regional Round), Toyota's first-ever regional e-Motorsport event.

A series of competitive races at a national level were held to qualify for the regional round to be held on 25 October 2020, where five national teams hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and India will be represented by three qualifiers from each country.

Mr. David Nordstrom, Vice President at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, presented the cash prizes to the Singaporean qualifiers
Representing Singapore is top winner AR Muhammad Aleef, along with first runner-up Nur Shazliezhan Bin Hassan and second runner-up Jason Tay. To take part in the competition, participants must own the Toyota GR Supra in the Gran Turismo Sport game on the PlayStation4 console.

All three contestants will have a bigger opportunity to represent the region at the Global Finals in November 2020, should either of them emerge as the top winner in the Regional round.

Those who are interested to tune-in to watch the Regional round can visit OneeSports' website here for more information on the livestream, along with details on participating qualifiers, racing circuits and rounds, entry procedures, and race formats.

Borneo Motors is honoured to be the official sponsor and host for the national qualifying rounds in Singapore.

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