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The new Porsche Approved Warranty programme will allow customers to increase their warranty coverage period up to the 15th year of ownership.

02 Oct 2020 | Local News : Singapore

Porsche Centre Singapore is introducing its enhanced Porsche Approved Warranty programme, which will allow its customers to increase the warranty coverage period of their Porsche cars up to the 15th year.

The extended Porsche Approved Warranty programme will apply to all Porsche vehicles in Singapore, without any change to the warranty prices, coverage and registration process.

The new Porsche Approved Warranty programme allows customers to extend the warranty on their cars beyond the former maximum of 10 years
Porsche Approved Warranty was launched globally in 2002 and is available in more than 90 countries. The warranty is redeemable worldwide and covers all of the vehicle's components. Moreover, should the vehicle be sold to a new owner, the remaining duration of the warranty is automatically transferred to the new owner.

The Porsche Approved Warranty provides a comprehensive coverage that includes repair and labour costs with the exception of regular wear and tear. It is comparable with the Porsche New Car Guarantee.

Only genuine parts are used if any repair or improvement works are required, offering the highest level of quality and security to customers. To maintain the excellent standards expected from Porsche's customers, all labour and diagnosis works are carried out by certified Porsche technicians.

The Porsche Assistance programme will provide customers with a replacement Porsche vehicle should they be unable to drive their cars due to a breakdown
The Porsche Approved Warranty can be purchased each time for a period of 12 months provided the vehicle is no more than 14-years old and has a mileage of less than 200,000km. For vehicles that are less than 13 years old, an optional warranty period of 24 months is also available.

Porsche Centre Singapore is also launching a fleet of Porsche vehicles for its customers while their vehicles undergoing repairs are due to a breakdown, making Porsche Asia Pacific the first dealership across 13 markets to do so.

The Porsche Assistance programme is available for all Porsche vehicles sold by Stuttgart Auto that are currently covered by a Porsche Approved Warranty programme. Under the Porsche Assistance programme, if a customer's vehicle cannot be driven due to a breakdown and cannot be restored to working order at the incident location or at the nearest Porsche Centre, a replacement Porsche vehicle will be provided, subject to availability.

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