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McLaren Formula One driver, Lando Norris, takes the soon-to-be-released McLaren Elva for a thrilling drive around the Silverstone circuit.

22 Oct 2020 | International News : U.K

As the new McLaren Elva reaches the final stages of its testing and development programme ahead of the first customer deliveries later in 2020, McLaren Racing's Lando Norris demonstrates the exhilarating experience at the wheel of this exclusive car at Silverstone.

The latest product in the McLaren Ultimate Series line, the Elva is designed to give the purest distillation of driving thrills. With a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine producing 803bhp and 800Nm of torque, powering the lightest McLaren Automotive car yet, the Elva is capable of ferocious acceleration and handling that is both exploitable and accessible.

Transforming the driving experience is the innovative Active Air Management System, which provides a virtual canopy over the Elva's seamlessly-integrated cockpit, creating a heightened sensory experience further enhanced by a stirring soundtrack from the car's finely-tuned exhaust.

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