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Torsus has revealed the Praetorian off-road school bus, a capable go-anywhere vehicle intended for the toughest school run routes in the world.

23 Oct 2020 | International News : Czech Republic

Torsus has revealed the Praetorian school bus, a new version of the durable, heavy-duty and versatile Praetorian intended for the toughest school run routes in the world. The school bus variant of the Praetorian is ready to carry students across some of the world's most rugged environments in comfort and safety.

Based on the same platform as the standard Praetorian model, the school bus variant retains all of the off-road features that make the Torsus vehicle a durable off-road all-rounder. The heightened ground clearance of the bus allows the Praetorian to clear obstacles with ease, while the four-wheel drive adds to its capability in challenging conditions.

The seats on the Torsus Praetorious school bus are styled with mathematical and scientific formulas
The Torsus Praetorian school bus can carry up to 35 children on any of the world's toughest school run routes, whether on-road or off-road. Special features include bespoke original seats styled around mathematics and science designs.

The seats are covered with a polymer protective coating made to rigorous standards, and are equipped with a seat belt suitable for all ages while optional extras for the seats include a foldable armrest and hip support bar on the aisle side.

The Praetorian is built for harsh conditions and to transport personnel and equipment across inhospitable terrain in any conditions. The Praetorian is based on an upgraded heavy-duty MAN chassis and is powered by MAN engines and drivetrain.The school bus variant features uprated off-road Michelin tyres and underbody cladding.

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