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Hyundai wins three 2020 Red Dot Awards for Design Concepts, with its 'Prophecy' EV Concept winning 'Best of the Best'.

26 Oct 2020 | International News : South Korea

Hyundai Motor Company today reaffirmed its global design leadership by winning three prestigious 2020 Red Dot Awards in the Design Concept group, including 'Best of the Best', in the Mobility and Transportation category.

'Best of the Best' went to Hyundai's progressive concept EV, 'Prophecy', while the '45' concept EV and the 'Neptune' fuel-cell electric commercial truck concept were winners in the Design Concept group. 'Prophecy' and '45' are part of Hyundai's dedicated EV lineup brand, Ioniq.

The distinctive look of the 'Neptune' concept's design was inspired by the Art Deco streamliner railway trains that ran from 1936 to 1959
'Prophecy' is Hyundai's visionary concept EV that encapsulates pure aerodynamic design, expressing Hyundai's latest design identity, 'Sensuous Sportiness'. Leveraging an extended wheelbase and short overhang, Hyundai's designers achieved the ultimate automotive form. Also, 'Prophecy' is the first concept car designed by a Korean automotive brand to win the 'Best of the Best' design concept award.

The '45' concept, which Hyundai unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, is a futuristic homage to the brand's 45-year-old icon, the Pony Coupe Concept. The design foreshadows a new era of Hyundai's automotive design focused on electrification, autonomous technologies and smart design.

'45' is defined by its monocoque body style, aerodynamic and light-weight design inspired by aircrafts from the 1920s. The car's 45-degree angles at the front and rear form a diamond-shaped silhouette.

'Neptune' fuel cell electric commercial truck concept's design was inspired by the Art Deco streamliner railway trains that were the standard of industrial design from 1936 to 1959. The distinctive cascading design of its front end provides maximum air flow for increased cooling capabilities.

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