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DS Automobiles suggests that the risk of fatal accidents is five times greater at night, with factors like bad weather and limited visibility increasing risk.

26 Oct 2020 | International News : U.K

As the long nights draw in, new analysis by DS Automobiles shows that the risk of a fatal accident is five times greater between 7:00pm and 7:00am, owing to poor visibility, head light dazzle and fatigue.

Other factors include poor weather, limited visibility and night blindness, also known as nyctalopia, a condition that means your eyes are unable to adapt sufficiently to low-light conditions.

DS Night Vision provides enhanced visibility by providing an infrared video image of the road and pavement ahead, up to 100m away.
At 80km/h, a car covers more than 22 metres per second. At that speed at night, the driver cannot spot every potential danger. To improve the safety of the driver and their passengers, DS Night Vision provides enhanced visibility, thanks to an infrared camera positioned in the grille.

Artificial intelligence analyses the camera footage in real-time and interprets the behaviour of pedestrians up to 100m away, on the road and the pavement. The picture is then represented on the large digital instrument panel in front of the driver, using thermal imagery to clearly illuminate obstacles on the screen.

Meanwhile, DS Active LED Vision head lights feature a main projector headlamp, together with a cluster of three LEDs that rotate 180 degrees to aid the driver by focusing the light on the road. At night, the beam adapts in width and range to the road conditions and vehicle speed. Six lighting modes are available and selected automatically by the system, and they are Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam, Adverse Beam and High Beam.

By lighting up the road more effectively and over a greater distance, drivers and passengers alike benefit from greater levels of safety, without causing head light dazzle for other road users.

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