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An upgrade from X-raid is all it takes for the MINI Countryman to transform into something ready to rise to all the challenges away from conventional roads.

29 Oct 2020 | International News : Germany

As a support vehicle in the entourage of the X-raid Team - currently the incumbent overall winner of the Dakar Rally - the MINI Countryman has already put in an impressive performance under extreme conditions many times, displaying dynamic performance and versatility.

MINI fans are now also able to benefit from the experience of the successful off-road specialists. Chassis modifications derived directly from racing experiences on rally stages transform the regular MINI Countryman into a MINI Countryman Powered by X-raid.

The off-road tyres and rims, raised ride height and chassis optimisation have made the MINI Countryman Powered by X-raid a capable off-road vehicle
The upgrades from X-raid brings a significant increase in ground clearance, off-road capable rims and tyres with higher flanks. These additions were specially developed for the MINI Countryman when it comes to traversing off-road terrain.

Increased ground clearance and measures to avoid flat tyres enabled the MINI Countryman service vehicles of the X-raid Team to travel without mishap along pothole lined tracks that were strewn with sharp-edged rocks, roads typical of the Andean highlands between Argentina and Chile, and on the rough terrain of the Saudi Arabian desert.

Naturally, this means that the MINI Countryman Powered by X-raid is now well equipped for challenging terrain. By increasing the ride height and fitting larger wheels and tyres, the ground clearance has been increased by 40mm. As a result, the water fording depth and the ramp angle are significantly optimised.

The rally developed wheels provide effective protection against tyre damage. A robust rim ring ensures that it is not necessary to change the entire wheel if damage is sustained on rough terrain. It also creates a powerful visual impact and masks the high tyre flanks.

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