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Almost two decades ago, Porsche launched the Cayenne. In December 2020, the one millionth Porsche Cayenne was built and delivered to a customer in Germany.

03 Jan 2021 | International News : Germany

"A stool is more stable on three legs than just two." Hans-Jurgen Wohler quotes his predecessor and settles back. He was Vice President of the SUV product line until recently. The Porsche 911 and the Boxster models, which were already available in the 1990s, represent two legs of the stool.

The Cayenne concept was conceived at the end of the 1990's. Porsche presented its first SUV to the world just a few years later in 2002. 18 years on, the one millionth Cayenne rolled off the production line in Bratislava in Slovakia, a Cayenne GTS in Carmine Red that was delivered to a German customer.

The one millionth Porsche Cayenne produced, a Cayenne GTS painted in Carmine Red
The Cayenne is the epitome of an SUV and has established an entire segment. It continues to set new standards and to surpass itself. It rescued the company from a crisis, pioneered hybridisation and set new records. Porsche grew in size and profitability thanks to the Cayenne. To this day, this SUV is a symbol for the success story of the company.

It took 44 years for Porsche's halo model, the 911, to reach the milestone of one million units produced. The Cayenne took less than half the time to do it.

When asked about the future, "Cars will change in the next 10 years. The Cayenne will continue its journey and will continue to be the best SUV in its segment. I can happily hand over the reins to my successor," says Wohler, who is now fully focused on the Macan. Wohler is referring here to Dr. Manfred Harrer, the new Vice President of the Cayenne product line, who can now continue to write the Cayenne's success story.

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